Director General of Customs & Excise

Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, Askolani, Director General of Customs & Excise, Republic of Indonesia visited Cikarang Dry Port. It was his second visit to our dry port facilities, together with the board of directors. Bagus Nugroho Tamtomo Putro – Head of KPPBC TMP Cikarang also attended the visit.

As an international dry port serving export and import activities, the flow of cargo at Cikarang Dry Port is closely monitored by Customs.

The visit was to establish a cooperative synergy between Customs and Cikarang Dry Port. As well as seeing the development of services at Cikarang Dry Port, especially from a technological perspective, including the implementation of Autogate, CDP Behandle Management System (C-BMS), and Electronic Seal (E-seal) which are integrated with CEISA Customs through the API (Application Programming Interface).

Thank you very much for the visit. Hopefully, it would tighten the cooperation and synergy between us as a dry port operator and the Customs.

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